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INFA Rule Book - 5th Edition 2013

Below is the INFA 5th Edition 2013 Rule Book. Some amendments have been made since the printing of the rule book – below are the amendments.

In 1990 the first Umpires Committee was introduced into the sport – as the growth of the sport was developing so quickly in Centres throughout Queensland the Committee introduced a program which allowed individual Centres to train and certify their own Umpires, this saw Umpires achieve badges, and certificates recognizing their accomplishments.

With the introduction of National Tournaments, the Committee introduced the next level for Umpires to strive in obtaining their State Level Umpires badge.
The development of umpires has grown rapidly, this has been attributed to the courses being run and programs set down.

With a view to help facilitate the continued development of Umpiring throughout Queensland a Convenor has been appointed in regions to assist up and coming Umpires, working in close proximity with the INFQ Umpires Committee giving the best possible opportunities for all Umpires to be involved at the highest level in the sport at State and International tournaments.

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